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Our firm has been involved with computers for well over 25 years, designing and building computer systems, also developing software for business and personal solutions. We have over 5 years experience in 3D environment software called OpenSimulator as a core developer and system administrator for Virtual Realms Grid. Also we have over 2 years experience as core developer on a private World of Warcraft server using C++ programming language to program a software package called TrinityCore.

Our mission is to assist video game creators to bring their game ideas to reality. Our video game production company does not buy the licenses of games, instead we allow creators to retain ownership of a game title. We work with a video game creators that have a game idea to provide innovative solutions and expert guidance though out the game creation process. 

The some of the services we provide are as follows: Game Production Guidance, connecting Game Creators to Game creating Professionals ie: writers, Game Engine Developers, Graphics Artists and Sound Engineers., Game Hosting Sites, Game Creation Funding Options, Advertising Options and anything other needs in the creation of a video games.

If you have a game idea we make it happen!

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