Prince of Perversion

Scene I


Scene description – Another beautiful South Carolina day.  As Damian is riding in the back of a black Chauffeured limo.  He is gazing out the window lost in his thoughts.


Dialogue is Damian’s thoughts to himself:


Fade in:

  1. Scene I – Render 1: POV from Outside of limo looking in limo through the back passenger window at Damian.

Dialogue A:

Damian looks out the window of as the lush South Carolina landscape goes by. “My FATHER…..” Damian says to himself almost under his breath, as if in a detached manner.   


  1. Scene I – Render 2: POV - inside back of limo facing Damian, he is still looking out the window.


Dialogue A:

As the limo slows to a stop before turning, Damian stares intently at the leaning tree next to the road.   He thinks to himself despondently “That Angel Oak tree has toppled over just like his life at this very moment” shaking his head as if to clear it.  “How surreal his life has become with the appearance of my REAL Father.” as his thoughts wash over the events of the last couple of days. 


  • Scene I – Render 3: POV - Damian’s outside fancy party among friends and Ethan walks up.


Dialogue B:

Starting with his 18th birthday party just days ago, what a perfect day had it been. His family and friends having a great time. Then just like that his world was up rooted with the arrival of his biological father.  Damian was in shock the way this man just strolls up, hand out as to offer a cordial handshake saying, “Hello Damian, I am your true father, Ethan Lucas” like he was an old friend of the family.  Damian’s world just topples over like that old Angel Oak tree.  He first thought at that moment was to look to his mother for answers.  But seeing the anguished look of horror on her face, tells Damian this man must be speaking the truth.


  1. Scene I – Render 4: POV – Later that night after the party, in the regal front parlor on the plantation.

Dialogue A:

Damian remembers that night also, his mother’s words echoing though his head as she tearfully explains, “Damian, I am so sorry I lied to you about your father being dead… I…” as she looks at him in desperation to find the right words to say “..I.. did not want you to find out about your father this way.”  Then his mother, Adriana Marcus the bastion of strength, now seated on love seat with her face buried in her hands weeping like a helpless child.  Damian looking down to his mother, part of him wanting to comfort her and the other part wanting to demanding answers, “Mother, tell me the truth about my father, this man call..ed.. Ethan Lucas!”      

Dialogue B:

Adriana looks up at Damian with a start, eyes wet with tears.  Then as if the storm of self-loathing and pity, passes Adriana becomes the bastion of strength again.  With a detached voice, void of emotion, Adriana begins to tell Damian the tale of a young innocent collage girl on her first date with the star football quarterback.  Then a month later finding out she was pregnant at nineteen from that one-night spent with Ethan Lucas.   

Dialogue C:

And the shame of telling Damian’s father of her being pregnant with his child and of Ethan being so callous and cruel about the situation.  But then, of Bart Lucas being so patiently gentle towards her and making Ethan agree to a settlement.  Ethan’s father Bart saying he wanted to save the family name from being dragged through the mud of an un-timely and un-wanted pregnancy.  

Dialogue D:

So, a contract was drawn up with a rather large settlement designed to provide for Damian till his eighteenth birthday, also the purchase of a plantation in Adriana’s name to provide a place for Damian to be raised.  The settlement contract had three major stipulations to it, first Adriana had to remain silent to whom the father was.  Second was that the Lucas family was not to have any contact with Damian until his 18th birthday.  The third was that on Damian’s eighteenth birthday, Ethan and Bart would be free to contact Damian and re-insert themselves into his life without any interference from Adriana.







  1. Scene I – Render 5: POV – back inside back of car facing Damian, he is still looking out the window.

Dialogue A:  

Damian’s mind drifts to the events of the day after the party.  To the meeting in the plantation study with this man Ethan his Father and kind grandfatherly figure of Bart Lucas.  Of how they have plans for Damian to attend the Collage of Hope Sound, like the long line of Lucas’s before him.


  1. Scene I – Render 6: - shot of the limo pulling up to the curb out side of the Chancellors office building on the campus of the Collage of Hope Sound.

Dialogue A:

The limo pulls up to curb in front of the Collage Administration Building on the campus of the Collage of Hope Sound and the Chancellors Office, his father’s office…   As if to dispel any somber thoughts the limo door opens to a bright South Carolina morning and to the beginning of Damian’s new life…   


Scene Fades..